Retirement & Pensions

Let us guide you through the retirement process, ensuring your golden years are filled with the financial security and freedom you deserve.

Whatever retirement looks like to you, Our advisers will work with you to help you pursue your goals and aspirations. We’ll translate your goals into a forward-thinking financial plan and find suitable investments so you can live the life you want.


Build a plan for your future

You have more options to invest for your retirement than ever. Our advisers cut through the complexity, building a retirement roadmap that provides the lifestyle you desire.


Make the most of life with early retirement

Want to retire early? We’ve had lots of clients over the years aiming to retire early. We have found that in some cases, with our help, our clients are able to retire earlier than they thought possible. Equally, perhaps some changes are required to meet this objective. Either way, our team of experts can provide knowledge and expertise to guide you in the direction of an early retirement.

Securing your dream retirement

Like many people, you may have different pension pots in different places. Some may be performing better than others, and through a complete review, our financial planners make certain your money is arranged in the right way to give you the retirement you really want.

Our approach to financial advice

Retirement and Pensions are just a part of your overall financial plan and that is why we follow the same approach in everything we do.

Your story
What are your life goals and ambitions.
Your plan
A clear plan to make your dreams a reality.
Our advice
Advice that can help you achieve your objectives.

Award-winning investment management

Our central investment proposition (CIP) revolves around empowering our clients to achieve their financial goals effortlessly. As an integral part of Finli, YOU Asset Management and YOUR Platform have been strategically acquired to offer unparalleled support in realising your financial life plan. With a team of award-winning investment professionals at the helm, your portfolio is actively managed daily. What sets us apart is our commitment to true independence, providing access to a wide array of investment vehicles globally. Through our ownership of YOU Asset Management, we provide a personalised service and efficient administration, ensuring your financial journey is smooth and rewarding. With Finli and YOU Asset Management by your side, your financial future is secure.

Retirement & Pensions FAQs

What is a pension?

A pension is a retirement savings plan, typically provided by employers, that provides income after you retire. Contributions are usually made by both the employee and employer during working years.

What is a SIPP?

A SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is a pension scheme that allows individuals to make their own investment decisions from a wide range of options, such as stocks and shares.

Should I consolidate my pensions?

Consolidating pensions can simplify management and potentially reduce fees, but it's important to consider factors like benefits, fees, and investment options of the existing plans before deciding.

How much will I need for retirement?

The amount needed for retirement varies based on lifestyle, life expectancy, and expenses. Our advisers can help you learn exactly how much you will need to live the life you desire.